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Fast Fashion Of Ralph Lauren

fast fashion of Ralph Lauren
Reshaping focus and returning to the value creation of core brandLarsson urges the company's product development, marketing and sales energy back to three core brands, that is, Ralphlauren,lauren,polo. And for other auxiliary brands, will be more stringent ROI assessment to assess the value ...

The Production Of Ralph Lauren Outlets

the production of ralph lauren outlets
Ralph Lauren outlines an American dream: The long lawn, the glittering antiques, the famous Mabao. His products, whether clothing or furniture, whether it is perfume or utensils, have catered to the customers of the upper-class social perfect life yearning. Or, as Ralph Lauren himself said...

The Style Of Ralph Lauren

The style of Ralph Lauren
"American style is in his hands, from imagination to old values: truth." This sentence nail Lauren design style and achievement.The 40-year old Anglo-American social life, the Wild West, the old movies, the 30 's baseball players and the old rich are all sources of inspiration for his design. ...

Ralph Lauren Brands

Ralph Lauren Brands
Ralph Lauren comes from the United States with a strong American flavor. Ralph Lauren's two brands of polo by Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren have created a worldwide sales field of high-quality fashion, bringing the reputation of designer Ralph Lauren and the glorious image of Ralph Lauren ...
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